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Pool & Spa Combination

Pool & Spa Combination

Leak Detection and Repair for Your Pool & Spa Combination

If you have a pool & spa combination on your property, you know the importance of keeping them well-maintained. Leaking pools and water lines can not only cause excessive water consumption but also lead to more significant issues on your property. It’s essential to address these problems promptly and efficiently.

We utilize the latest methods and technologies to locate leaks in your pool & spa combination without causing any damage to your property. Our experienced professionals at Miami Pool Leak Pros follow a routine leak detection process that has been developed over decades of experience, enabling us to find leaks in your suction lines, return lines, light conduit, pool structure, and even the main drain. We know precisely what to look for and what questions to ask when examining your pool & spa combination.

We understand that finding the leak is only half the battle. As licensed contractors, we can repair the leaks for you in some cases, on the same day. Our expertise extends beyond pool & spa combinations; we also service fountains and man-made ponds that may be leaking.

Don’t let a leaking pool & spa combination drain your wallet. Contact us, and we’ll find and repair the leak promptly and efficiently, ensuring your property remains in top condition.

Trustworthy Leak Detection and Repair for Your Miami Pool & Spa Combination

At Miami Pool Leak Pros, we’re committed to providing the most comprehensive pool & spa combination leak detection services to our clients. With years of experience and an exceptional track record of satisfied customers, we take pride in our work and offer extended warranties to back it up.

Our state-of-the-art patented technology and experienced team of professionals ensure that you’ll receive a reliable and thorough leak detection service. You can trust us to provide you with the highest level of service and warrantied work every time.

Our certified team of leak detection and pool leak repair specialists is always ready to help, whether you need leak detection and repair services for your residential or commercial pool & spa combination. We have the expertise and equipment necessary to identify and repair leaks in your pool & spa combination, ensuring that it remains in top condition.

Don’t let a leaky pool & spa combination cause any more headaches. Contact Miami Pool Leak Pros today to schedule an appointment with our experts and get your pool & spa combination repaired and ready for use.

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sixta donado
sixta donado
I called this company because my pool was in bad shape. I originally just wanted the plaster done, but decided to do my waterline tile and coping. Everything was done so professional and in a timely manner! This company delivers great work, if you need a pool company these are the people to hire!
Vice City
Vice City
Thank you thank you thank you!!! I had a bad leak in my pool and no one was able to find it. I called Sunshine Pool and Leak Stoppers and let me tell you, these guys are magicians! They were very thorough in their work. They were very organized, were very clean, and did a great job! They made it look like they were not even here! I even referred them to a family friend and they remodeled their pool.This company does it all! 100% recommended!!
Jill Tasco
Jill Tasco
Best in the business. Showed up as stated. Replaced light in my inground pool which meant cutting into my pool deck. Cleaned up afterwards. I would definitely recommend. I call them the FIXERS. Call them first you will not be disappointed.
Julian hernandez
Julian hernandez
My experience with Sunshine Pool and Leak Stoppers was fantastic. They are very professional and the experience throughout the build process was very good. Everything was done on schedule. We have been able to reach to everybody and have always a wonderful experience. The team is excellent and they have gone beyond and exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Sunshine Pool and Leak Stoppers
John Dopazo
John Dopazo
Sunshine Pool and Leak Stoppers remodeled my pool adding a landing, swim out and reinforcing the beam which was in terrible shape. All my calls and questions were answered promptly. They also finished the job on time.
cheryl mullininx
cheryl mullininx
I woke up to find a stranger in my pool, I was not given notice of the time that someone was arriving to check the pool. They supposedly found and fixed all the leaks. I am still losing about 2 inches a day. I specifically ask for someone who is fluent in English. I will not blame the poor guy that the owner Jose sent out. I was told the were going to show me where the pool pipe under ground are. I found that the person messed with all the valves, almost burned up our pool pump as the pressure was way too high. I spoke with Jose who hung up on me. Said he would immediately refund my money. The person I spoke to was rude and obnoxious. The did not fix the leaks and may have caused damage to my pool pump. Definite would advise you to avoid doing business with a company allows someone to trespass on my property with out notifying me first, unprofessional in many ways. Avoid this company like the plague. you had been to my property one to "fix the leaks in my pool, send me a print out of how the pipes run. My pool still had leaks. I was very specific in my request to have some fluency in the English language. Imagine if you woke up to a strange man swimming in your pool. I was not notified what time this person was arrive. I was promised a refund that still has not taken place. Please refund the money you charged me to not stop any of the in the pool.
Called spoke with Jose , he explained in details the service . We agreed and made an appointment. Took the am off to meet his son . Never showed up !!! Never called . Nothing , Nada . Go figure.
Madeline Del Sol
Madeline Del Sol
I'm so happy and incredibly grateful for the amazing job they did with my pool. Finding a good reliable and professional company with ethics in Miami is like finding a needle in a haystack. After speaking with just about every pool repair company in Miami (for a very unusual problem with my pool that nobody could really explain), Jose was the only one who took his time to patiently investigate, and explain things to me and was super honest, reliable and not out to price gouge. He showed up with his team (Andre and Francois) and they brought my broken pool back to life with the least amout of demolition (and put the cement deck back the way it was before). I'm just so happy right now. I will always call them for all my pool repairs and future pool remodeling. OH and last but not least Claudia and Nelly who answer the phone at the company were great too. THANK YOU!!!!
Julio Jimenez
Julio Jimenez
Fast, accurate and professional service! After having an expensive pool deck with new concrete and tiles done in November, I was very frustrated seeing the pool was losing water significantly through an invisible leak. Sunshine Pool Stoppers young but knowledgeable staff found the exact location of the leak and were able to fix it with quality removing just 1 tile!! They letf the deck looking like nothing had happened and did the repair job in one day.
Gloria Calle
Gloria Calle
Worked with Andres over several months to get things straighten out with an insurance claim from Hurricane Irma. They were the only company that showed up to do the work, all others made the appointment and never followed through. They came when they said they would and weather permitting, (it has been raining a lot) they worked and did a fantastic job. They tested and repaired a leak, resurfaced the entire pool and spa, changed the broken lights, and did the glass replacement work on my waterfall. Andres consulted with me every step of the way. I am a very satisfied customer. Andres was thorough with great follow-through skills. Their crew is very professional, they know their business. A little more TLC and my backyard will be back to being the great space it always has been. Pics show what they started with, and the end product.

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